Real Estate Tech Startups – 5 exciting proptech companies in Singapore

There are 108 Real Estate Tech startups in Singapore. Here is a list of the 5 most exciting ones

Real Estate Tech startups
Real Estate Tech Startups are spicing up the property action in Singapore


JustCo, a prominent Real Estate Tech Startups, is a provider of managed co-working spaces for freelancers, startups, small & large companies. The company offers private desks, and co-working spaces. Some of the amenities provided are WiFi, telephone booths, event spaces, meeting rooms, printer services, and more. The company’s clientele includes Dropbox, Allianze, AstonMartin, MI, Facebook, and Zerto among others. The company earns revenue through monthly membership plans.

Company Overview

Founded Year2011
LocationSingapore (Singapore)
FundingUSD 263M
InvestorsDaito Trust, Peck Chin Keng, Sansiri and 6 Other Investors


Provider of managed co-living spaces. The company offers rooms in shared flats and entire apartments. It also allows users to schedule viewings via the platform. Some of the amenities include kitchen appliances, internet connection, cleaning services, and more.

Company Overview

Founded Year2016
LocationSingapore (Singapore)
FundingUSD 54M
InvestorsAurum, Huang Shao-ning, Green Space Investments and 9 Other Investors


Oh My Home is an online listing platform for residential properties. It allows homeowners to post the listings for subletting and selling their properties. Users can post their listings through the mobile application available on the Android and the IOS store. The listings can be done for free. It charges a flat fee for a-la-carte facilities which are optional. Other services include advertising, documentation, and property viewing options. Tenants and buyers can use the platform for free after registering.

Company Overview

Founded Year2015
LocationSingapore (Singapore)
FundingUSD 3M
InvestorsGolden Equator Ventures, Ethos Partners, Korea Investment Partners and 1 Other Investors


Platform to discover, compare, and hire real estate agents. They offer a highly experienced team of specialists who handle property marketing, photography, copywriting, valuation, and several other complex tasks. It facilitates users with a full-service property agent, property pricing report, professional pictures, floorplan, brochures, a premium online and, offline exposure, weekly progress reports, and fewer commission fees. It also provides a 3D property walkthrough for sellers.

Company Overview

Founded Year2018
LocationSingapore (Singapore)
FundingUSD 2M
InvestorsErwan Mace, Iterative Accelerator, Net Ventures and 11 Other Investors


COVE is a provider of managed co-living spaces. The platform enables users to register and search for the co-living spaces by applying the location filter. Some of the amenities provided are WiFi, housekeeping services, lounge areas, flatmate matching, community events, and more. It earns revenue through monthly membership plans.

Company Overview

Founded Year2018
LocationSingapore (Singapore)
FundingUSD 7M
InvestorsFound8, Antler, Venturra Capital and 6 Other Investors

Mr Paul Ho, chief officer at iCompareLoan, said: “the scene of Real Estate Tech startups in Singapore is getting very exciting. This is the reason why we are positioning our company as a FinTech Start-up.”

Coreconcept Systems Pte. Ltd, trading as iCompareLoan, a leading mortgage management technology solutions and services provider in Singapore announced on 12 September that is has received certification as a qualified financial technology vendor by the Singapore FinTech Association (SFA).

The certified fintech status is recognized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) as part of the Financial Sector Technology and Innovation (FSTI) Digital Acceleration Grant (DAG) program to bolster digital transformation and agile workflows in Singapore and the surrounding region. was set up specifically to help people with Home Loans either for Refinancing or new property purchase. You can compare rates here and upon finalizing a package, liaise with the Singapore banks directly.

The certified fintech status accentuates the iCompareLoan advantage

All the bankers from their respective banks on iCompareLoan’s panel are carefully selected and filtered throughout the years. They represent the best of the breed bankers who are both knowledgeable and ethical.

iCompareLoan continues to monitor the bank’s performance constantly through customer feedbacks as well as (From time-to-time, with the agreement of the customer) accompany customers to sit in at the session, where the respective bankers will be graded.

An honour to be certified fintech entity

“It’s an honor to be recognized as a qualified and accredited FinTech by the SFA, and, to be part of the continued development of a vibrant ecosystem in Singapore for loan seekers, small and medium enterprises and real estate agents, as well as agencies,” said Mr Paul Ho, Chief Mortgage Officer at iCompareLoan.

“Very importantly, is a Mortgage Planning Platform for Financial advisors and Agents. 100s of pages of financial rules are built into a workflow and a professional report is generated in 3 minutes flat,” he added.

The FinTech certification is part of iCompareLoan’s growth strategy of bringing long-term digital capabilities and solutions to the community of real estate agents and their customers.

Mr Ho said that’s Home Loan Report is one important tool agents can make use of to augment their services.

The Home Loan Report tool is a Singapore’s first one-of-a-kind analysis platform that provides latest updates of detailed loan packages and helps property agents, financial advisors and mortgage brokers to analyse home loan packages for their clients and give unbiased home loan / commercial loan analysis for their property buyers and home owners.

As buyers of the future grow more discerning, agents cannot afford to just rely on their personality or their experience to attract clients. Buyers and sellers of the future will increasingly rely on agents to have knowledge on property finance calculations and this is where the Home Loan report comes in.

This trademarked tool is a one-stop solution that can help deliver a detailed home loan report to property agents in 3 minutes flat.

This is especially helpful when agents who do not have knowledge on property finance calculations make cold calls to potential clients and need to have a thorough analysis at hand in order to best direct each client on what their property buying and selling options are.

Such a report will not only help agents deliver the best possible property options to their clients, it will also help prevent the agent or potential buyers or sellers from wasting each other’s time since they already have all the information they need on the potential client’s buying or selling prospects at hand.

Mr Ho asserted that property agents who want to continue working in the industry must set themselves apart and position themselves as thought leaders, especially in this day and age where digital marketing largely drives the economy.

What’s especially good about the trademarked Home Loan Report is that the more agents use tool, the more traffic it will bring to the agency’s website. This feature is great for leads capture and brand recognition.

Tools like iCompareLoan’s trademarked Home Loan Report, plug into the Government’s Real Estate Industry Transformation Map.

The National Development Ministry had earlier said that its goal of promoting such tools is for property agents and property portals to be able to automatically verify key details all with the click of a button. The Ministry believes that this will be an opportunity for firms a well as agents to undertake significant process innovation to become more productive. And at the same time make the process so much more efficient, effective, transparent, and competitive.

Singapore’s first and only Home Loan Report™ and analysis platform iCompareLoan’s platform provides latest updates of detailed loan packages and helps Property Agents, Financial Advisors and Mortgage brokers to analyze home loan packages for their clients and give unbiased home loan / commercial loan analysis for their property buyers and home owners.

Written by Ravi Chandran

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