Smartest property portal tag affirmed for signs on Century 21, affirming its position as Singapore’s Smartest Property Portal. Ad-free property portal- boasts over 260,000 search keywords and more than 70,000,000 geodata points, which includes nearby amenities and facilities, allowing agents to list with greater ease and transparency.

Proptech startup-, has signed an MOU for partnership with Century 21 Singapore Holdings (Century 21 Pte Ltd).

smartest property portal
Singapore’s smartest property portal

Already creating buzz in the property market since their launch in November last year, “Singapore’s Smartest Property Portal”,, has been pushing the boundaries of the property market by evangelising their proprietary keyword search and geospatial data technology to the agent landscape in Singapore.

Already garnering much support from new generation home seekers in Singapore with a user traffic of over 110,000 users (monthly), has always had their focus on helping the agent demographics; helping to streamline the listing process and verifying the geospatial data, this Geo Tech start up based at GeoWorks (a geospatial community incubator subsidised by Singapore Land Authority) is hoping to ease up the agent pain points for property listings and matches.

CEO of Century 21 Pte Ltd, Mr Reeve Ho said, “We have been observing for a while now and having consulted my management team, we did our homework and found them to be different. I am excited to be on board with” Mr Ho continues, “After months of meetings, discussions and testing the platform, I found to be very receptive to our requirements and they are very forward thinking. Coupled with their intuitiveness towards understanding the new generation of homebuyers searching for their dream homes as they would search for things by entering keywords on Google. The auto population of the verified geospatial data is a very much welcomed feature especially for the busy agent demographic on top of their Ad-Free policy.”

Utilising their knowledge in geospatial data technology,’s platform is able to help agents list all their property’s surrounding amenities just with an input of a postal code. Verified by over 40 government agencies, this means agents have lesser fields to fill and enjoy truly verified data in their listing’s surroundings. Coupled with the systems AI that will learn the users search habits and needs and wants according to their lifestyle needs and past search parameters, the platform can help match home seekers and their property with the agents listing at a granular level.

Singapore’s smartest property portal matching system perpetuates relevance. There is no ad-boosting in the smartest property portal like other portals, because its main focus is to match people with homes having features they are searching for, not which agent paid the most to put their listing up on top of the homebuyers search result.

Gerald Sim, CEO and Co-Founder of expressed: “Since the initial inception, we have been working meticulously to make our portal the game changer in the Real Estate arena. The challenge was to educate people to move away from their traditional search habits, ad boosting and focus instead to integrate all these data from OneMap, satellite imagery and our 70 million geodata points into a transparent property ecosystem. That will make their work easier and more productive”.

Mr Ho continues to share: “We knew with this game changer (, our agents would be able to extensively tap on geospatial data technology, which directly allows seamless searches to be done with key indices. It is always refreshing to onboard our agents onto a new platform.’s portal features is innovative and their vision of creating a transparent property landscape aligns with our groups vision as well.”

The smartest property portal is currently available on web and mobile. Users can register on the platform using their Facebook and Google accounts for free unrestricted access. Agent’s are able to register using their CEA number and will get to enjoy one year complimentary usage for the basic tier (Tier 1).

Agent subscription tiers are priced at $365 (Tier 1) which is currently FREE to use and $500 (Tier 2) for a more comprehensive benefit.

Key features: (Homeseeker’s Benefits)

Search by lifestyle needs:

Type in the requirements according to your lifestyle needs. (eg. Gym nearby, Hospital nearby, High Floor, South Facing, parquet flooring, Girl School Nearby, etc). The search bar allows multiple keyword searches.

Smart Matching:

Homeseekers can now look for properties using custom keywords and receive in-built AI recommendations. Once their search criteria are saved, the AI continues to search for those parameters when the user is logged off and will alert them when a match is found.

Home-School distance mapping:

Parents who are planning to move close to their child’s choice primary school (benefit of Phase 2B & 2C) can now see exactly which zone their chosen home is, in relation to the distance of their child’s primary school so that they have priority on children placement in their choice primary school.

Favouritise, revisit and share:

Users can now sort their favourite selections into folders and share the folders out in customised groups to their spouse and family members.

Key features: (Agent Benefits)

Geospatial Tagging:

When a listing is created,’s AI tags agents listings from a pool of 260,000 geospatial keywords tagged to the postal code. (i.e. Boy School nearby, Orchard MRT, Church nearby, Shopping Centre Nearby etc)

All surrounding amenities and places will be auto populated into the listing and all entries and content are verified by 40+ government agencies.

Data Keyword unique to each property:’s listing interface allows agents to tag in data/keywords unique to their properties. (i.e. High Floor, Parquet Flooring, 4A, Jumbo, City View, Chandelier, island kitchen, newly renovated, South Facing, etc)

Intelligent Matching:

Upon user login and search, the system builds up the clients profile and understands the clients preferred location, emotion, pricing and other needs. The backend AI then forwards the matching agent’s property listing to them, informing them of the listing match and to contact the agent.

No Boosting Fees:

With intelligent matching (shown above), the boosting of listings (model) that is used in all other property portals does not work on Due to the way the matching on, agents will not be able to abuse the matching system just by paying more money to be put on the first page of the homeseeker’s search results.

Homeseeker’s will finally get relevant results to their needs and wants for that perfect dream home.


Started by a group of entrepreneurs in 2018, is a Singapore property search portal designed to reinvent the entire real estate journey for buyers, sellers and agents. uses Singapore’s OneMap, and is one of the pioneer start-ups housed at the Singapore Land Authority’s (SLA) recently – launched GeoWorks at Alexandra Road.

About Century 21

Century 21 is the largest real estate sales organization in the world. With its humble beginnings in United States of America, Century 21 has evolved into an integrated service provider for real estate services. Spanning across 81 countries, 8,800 offices and 122,000 professionals, Century 21 has primed itself as a market leader in the real estate industry and will continue to create borderless strategic alliances spanning across the entire Asian region.

Written by Ravi Chandran

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