iCompareLoan.com And ERA Collaborates To Help Agents Close Deals Faster

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www.iCompareLoan.com has collaborated with ERA to bring Home Loan Report™ to their property agents and assist them with closing deal transactions faster.


Problems faced by Property Agents

Property buying and its financing is becoming more complicated. Property buyers now demand professionalism and financial knowledge. Many property agents are not trained in finance to handle this.

People are not buying second or third properties due to the Additional Buyer stamp duty.

Normal transactional demand from people selling their houses to buy another house is also reduced, due to the difficulty in financing.


iCompareLoan’s Home Loan Report™ helps property agents generate Property Buyer Reports — this report incorporates the rules and calculations of CPF Board, IRAS and MAS — with detailed calculations of down-payment cash required; taxes payable; CPF required; and financing costs in a flat three to five minutes.

Property agents can use this report to help homeowners assess their ability to purchase a new property upon selling the current one.

Home Loan Report™ helps property agents conduct successful listing presentations, opening up opportunities for two transactions:

  • To SELL the Home Owner’s current property.
  • To BUY the next property.

“We are delighted to collaborate with ERA, a progressive and forward-looking property agency that embraces technology to heighten efficiency for its property agents. An agency that cares about its property agents and collaborators is an important collaborator for iCompareLoan.com,” says Paul Ho, Managing Director of iCompareLoan.com

“In the past, agents struggle with property financing matters which slowed down or completely jeopardised deal closures.  We are delighted that iCompareLoan.com has come up with an automated three-to-five minute solution to help property buyers assess affordability and calculate their down payments. This will greatly help agents to successfully secure seller listings as well as help these homeowners buy new homes.,” says Chief Operating Officer, Marcus Chu.

About ERA

ERA is Singapore’s largest property agency with a talent pool of over 6,000 agents. ERA continues to collaborate with reputable providers to bring the best possible service tools to its property agents.


To contact ERA: era@era.com.sg

URL: www.era.com.sg

About iCompareLoan.com


iCompareLoan is a financial technology company whose Home Loan Report™ is Singapore’s first and only cloud-based home loan reporting and analysis platform for use by property agents and financial advisors.


The www.iCompareLoan.com/consultant tool provides the following: –

  • Property Buyer Report
  • Refinance savings Report
  • New Home Loan Interest Rate Comparison Report
  • Progressive Payment Report
  • Detailed Home Loan Package Report
  • 100s of Up-to-date Home Loan Report
  • Mortgage news and updates
  • Up-to-date application forms
  • Sibor & SOR report (27 years Sibor and 8 years SOR chart)
  • A customer relationship management system that tracks customers’ loan cases and also submits loan cases directly to banks


Contact: SMS 9782 8606

URL: www.iCompareLoan.com/Consultant

ERA Agents discounted Sign up link: https://goo.gl/wUxpCD

Sample Reports for Download: Sample 1, Sample 2, Sample 3

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