Singapore Home Loan Reporting Tool Announces Introducer Partnership with PromiseLand Independent

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PR Newswire 12/27/2012 8:35 AM ET

Singapore Home Loan Reporting Tool Announces Introducer Partnership with PromiseLand Independent


SINGAPORE, Dec. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –, a Singapore Home Loan reporting tool for Financial Advisors, Property agents and Mortgage Brokers, is pleased to announce an introducer partnership with PromiseLand Independent.


Under part of this loan introducer partnership, PromiseLand Independent will use home loan reporting platform to provide up-to-date Commercial loan and home loan rates to all of PromiseLand’s financial advisors who can then use this information to help their clients make informed commercial and home loan comparisons.


The tool provides the following: –

•Up to date commercial loan and home loan rates

•Mortgage news and updates

•Up to date application forms

•Home loan detailed report

•Building under construction (progressive payment) report

•Refinance savings report

•New Home Loan interest rate comparison report

•Sibor & SOR report (23 years Sibor and 6 years SOR chart)

•A CRM (customer relationship management) system where you can track your customer’s loan cases and submit loan cases directly to banks.


Helpdesk Support:Under this introducer agreement, PromiseLand’s financial advisors are able to use iCompareLoan’s helpdesk for property loan enquiries and put home loan referral deals directly via PropertyBuyer (CoreConcept Systems Pte Ltd) and take advantage of PropertyBuyer’s volume relationship with some banks to obtain better terms.


The Managing Director of PromiseLand David Choo says,

“We are very happy with the results so far in the using service. In the past, we tried to provide mortgage consulting services to our advisors, but this business is very costly as we need to provide in-house support. High banker turnover and frequent Home Loan rates changes add to the complexity. Moreover, there is a steep learning curve involved for financial advisors to learn about home loans to be able to talk intelligently about it. With service and its advanced reporting and embedded Financial event time line and iCompareLoan helpdesk, our advisors are now delivering more home loan deals. We believe the enhanced capability of our financial advisors will help us become a more complete and holistic wealth management company.”

“We are delighted to have delivered upon our promise of lower cost of administration, and increased profits to PromiseLand Independent who uses our home loan reporting tool & helpdesk. With this introducer arrangement, we hope to gradually build enough property loan volume to enable us and our partners to benefit from better terms being offered by Singapore banks,” says the Managing Director of CoreConcept Systems.


About PromiseLand Independent

Founded in 1986, PromiseLand became Singapore’s first independent life insurance broker in 1991 bringing clients choice of products from, not one, but the majority of the life insurance companies. From being a pioneer, we progressed to become the champion for independent financial planning and advice – providing our valued clients with objective advice and wide choices for their financial needs.

For Financial Planning and Advice enquiries:

Tel: +65 6505 4110



About (a website of CoreConcept Systems Pte Ltd) is an online cloud based Commercial and Home loan reporting platform for Financial Advisors, Mortgage brokers and property agents, enabling them to serve their clients more professionally and earn extra income.

For Home Loan and commercial loan enquiry:

SMS: +65 9782 8606



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