Tengah Garden District to debut in BTO exercise this month

Image credit: HDB

Tengah Garden District will debut in the Housing and Development Board’s (HDB) Built-to-Order (BTO) exercise this month.

Despite it being one of the newest estates in Singapore, Tengah has been garnering attention from Singaporeans thanks to some of its interesting features like lush greenery, UrbanWater Harvesting System and community farms. It appears that Singaporeans are really looking forward to the future city concept that Tengah has vowed to bring to Singaporeans. In this upcoming BTO in May, Tengah will be offering the most number of units with more than 2,000 units up for grabs.


The two plots in Tengah Garden District that are up for balloting will be slightly off the Tengah town centre. However, that doesn’t mean that accessibility will be compromised. Based on the URA Masterplan, there will be two MRT stations under the Jurong Region Line serving the two plots. There will also be CCs and healthcare centres built in the vicinity.

Nearest MRT Tengah Plantation MRT

Tengah Park MRT

Nearest shopping mall West Mall
Nearby amenities Proposed CC

Proposed Healthcare Centre

Jurong Polyclinic

Schools in the area Jurongville Secondary School

Hong Kah Secondary School

Jurong Primary School

Commute time to City Hall MRT 1 Hour
Commute time to nearest shopping mall 15 minutes
Types of flats offered 2R Flexi, 3R, 4R, 5R
Estimated number of units 2,180

HDB BTO Tengah Graden District – Amenities around it

The launch of Tengah Garden District comes after flats from the estate’s Plantation District were launched in November last year.

HDB said that at about 80 hectares, the Tengah Garden District is expected to provide up to 6,500 new homes when fully completed.


HDB added that the height of the apartment blocks at Tengah Garden District will be staggered to create the impression of “valleys nestled amid garden spaces”. The flats in Tengah Garden District will be oriented to maximise the surrounding garden views, with all roads featuring 2m-wide dedicated cycling paths and 1.5m-wide pedestrian paths.

With about 3,000 sqm of community and allotment gardening, the recreational corridor will be a key feature of the Tengah Garden District.

HDB said that one end of this recreational corridor will lead to the Tengah Pond while the other will lead to a 20-hectare park. The park will serve as a buffer between homes and the future Jurong Innovation District, and the Tengah Pond will feature waterfront retail and recreational facilities.

The first BTO exercise to be launched in the Tengah Garden District is christened Garden Vale@Tengah.

Each flat in the Tengah Garden District will be equipped with data points and additional power points to enable the adoption of smart home devices. Tengah will be Singapore’s first and largest smart and sustainable town, planned with green and sustainable features, and smart technologies from the outset.

To realise this vision, HDB will be partnering the SP Group to study the potential of developing Tengah into a Smart Energy Town. This involves developing and test-bedding a centralised energy software system, akin to a ‘brain’ that will collect, process, analyse, and learn data on energy consumption at the town-, neighbourhood-, and apartment-levels. The study, which will enable a more efficient and sustainable model of energy management, will be conducted over a one-year period from July 2018.

Called the Smart Energy Concierge, the system will be powered by artificial intelligence and designed to be connected to the energy grid, energy storage systems and solar photovoltaic (PV) generators. It will be programmed to identify patterns and anomalies in energy flows to minimise disruption to services, channel energy more efficiently to optimise energy use, and promote greater conservation of energy.

For example, the system could be programmed to detect power failures occurring in residential blocks, street lamps, or traffic lights, and to channel energy from other sources such as the grid, energy storage systems or solar PV generators, to the affected site, thus minimising disruption of services to residents. Similarly, excess energy obtained from solar PV systems can be channelled into storage and be used at a later time to power estate services such as lifts or water pumps, instead of using energy supplied from the grid. This will contribute to Singapore’s national goal of energy conservation.

This holistic approach in energy planning and management will be the first-of-its-kind for an HDB town, and the largest of its scale in Singapore.

As part of the collaboration, an Energy Concierge App will be developed to tap on the artificial intelligence of the Smart Energy Concierge software, opening up the potential for innovative services to be created for residents.

For example, future residents of Tengah, as well as the Town Council, could choose to link their utilities account to the app, to view their energy consumption rates, pay utility bills, subscribe to products and services such as smart home solutions and devices, and explore electricity retail packages.

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